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what we do

we provide curated, themed gift boxes for all occasions featuring small business makers and brands. we want to make it a great experience for both the giver and recipient, which is why we have flexibility in access and customization. please just let us know how we can help.

currently products are available online but we are open to wholesale

find the right fit

if you have a larger project or just want to swap some options, let us know

business appreciation gifts? let us know and we can talk about logos & pricing




Hi, I'm Allie. The concept for zeitgeist gifting was born out of the idea that while the last few years have been difficult, it has been a catalyst for change and creation for many, myself included. I wanted to bring together a collection of thoughtful, handmade products from earnest companies to showcase the best spirit of the times. I hope you (or whoever you are gifting them to) enjoy the end product. Thank you for being open to the unexpected.

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