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Meet the Maker - Carlsonville Garden and Woodcraft

My name is Karin Carlson and together with my husband Brad we have a small home-based business that we call Carlsonville garden and woodcraft.

We live in southern Minnesota on a small farm outside of Trimont. Our farm turned 100 years old in 2019 and was built up by my husband's grandfather. We are not farming however but on our acreage we have 2 big gardens and lots of trees.

I have, for the last 20 years been selling my homemade canned goods at local farmers markets. I love to cook and found that canning is very rewarding. I was working as a paraprofessional at Martin County West when I lost my hearing on both ears. I got cochlear implants and it works good for what i do now. I quit working at the school after a few years of indecision and started doing more of market and vendor shows.

My husband, whom is the woodworker, is working full-time at a large hog operation a few minutes from home. He wanted something fun to do so he started doing some woodcraft and found out he is really good at it. We are embracing our Swedish roots by doing a lot of Swedish items.

We really like what we do and feel fortunate that we have the space to do our crafts. It's difficult to choose a favorite but I think for my husband it's making cutting boards and I simply love salsa.

Karin and Brad Carlson

Carlsonville Garden and Woodcraft

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